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All correspondence about this licence should be scanned to instead of being posted in to us.

Personal Licence applications will be required to be scanned in.

About this licence

A personal licence is required to supply or to authorise the supply of alcohol at a licensed premises.

An application for a personal licence is made to the Licensing Authority in which the applicant normally resides.

Once granted the licence authorises the holder to supply alcohol anywhere in England and Wales.

The law changed in April 2015 to remove the requirement to renew the licence If your personal licence shows an expiry date you can now ignore this date.

Should the holder of a valid personal licence move address or change their name, it is a requirement that the individual contacts the council that issued the personal licence to notify them of the change and as soon as reasonably practicable the individual must return their personal licence (both parts) along with the prescribed fee and details of the change.

Should any parts of the licence not be returned, a valid reason is required. If the licence has been lost or stolen, this must be reported to the police and proof that it has been reported is required by the council.

From the 6 April 2017 the personal application has changed in that you now have to provide proof of your right to work in the UK. The documents you have to provide are listed in the application form.

Change details

To change the details on a Personal Licence – Complete the change of details form and send it with a passport size photograph to The Licensing Section, London Borough of Havering, Town Hall, Romford, RM1 3BB.

There is a fee of £10.50 Cheques made payable to the London Borough Of Havering or enclose a contact number for an officer to call to take a card payment

Personal licence change of details

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Accredited Qualification Providers

View a list of accredited organisations that provide courses and exams required for a personal licence to sell alcohol.