All premises offering track-side betting facilities must be licensed by the Council.


Use the gaming premises application form to apply. 

Gaming premises application form

What is a track betting licence?

A track premises licence permits the premises to be used for the provision of facilities for betting, but does not permit the licence holder to provide casino, bingo or other types of gambling on tracks, as these activities are the subject of separate premises licences.

The Gambling Act defines a track as a horse racecourse, greyhound track or other premises on any part of which a race or other sporting event takes place or is intended to take place.

Other venues

There are a number of other venues where sporting events do or could take place and therefore could accommodate the provision of betting facilities. Examples of tracks include:

  • A horse racecourse
  • A greyhound track
  • A point to point horse race meeting
  • Football, cricket and rugby grounds
  • An athletic stadium
  • A golf course
  • Venues hosting darts, bowls or snooker tournaments
  • A premises staging boxing matches
  • A section of river hosting a fishing competition
  • A motor racing event


The licence is £464 and is renewed annually.