Fraud costs the public sector an estimated £20 billion per year and £2 billion is lost by local government alone.

Fraud has an impact on the level of Council and Income Tax resources available to share amongst our community.

Our Assurance Service investigates all types of fraud and corruption allegations affecting the Council (including schools).

Whether you suspect our staff, partners, contractors or citizens, please don’t hesitate to report fraud.

Examples of fraud investigated by the team

  • Social Housing fraud such as unlawful subletting, false housing application and false tenancy succession application.
  • Council Tax fraud such as falsely claiming to be single and receiving 25 percent discount on your council tax or providing false information to receive Council Tax Support.
  • Business Rates fraud such as companies falsely claiming empty property or charitable relief.
  • Insurance fraud such as people who make false or exaggerated insurance claims against the council for tripping on pavements.
  • Direct Payments fraud such as people who falsely claim to be disabled to obtain care funds or dishonestly using funds for non-care purposes.
  • Blue Badge fraud such as persistently and dishonestly displaying a Blue Badge without the genuine holder being present, displaying a Blue Badge that has been reported lost / stolen, is counterfeit / forged (altered) or where the badge holder is deceased.


Council officers are not permitted to accept bribes and bribing a council officer is a serious criminal offence.

If you know of anyone at the council who has accepted a bribe or who has asked for money or other personal benefits to make a particular decision, please tell us about it.

Reporting fraud and corruption

The fraud and whistleblowing hotlines are available for anyone who wants to report, in confidence, suspected fraud within the Council. 

Please note that housing benefit fraud is dealt with by a national body. Please see our benefit fraud page for reporting details.

  • Fraud: 01708 432405 
  • Whistleblowing: 01708 433307 / 01708 432616 

You can also report allegations of fraud to Assurance Services by completing our fraud referral form.

You can also email and whistleblow by emailing

Our policy

Read our anti fraud and corruption policy

You can also read the whistleblowing (confidential reporting) policy for staff.