Apply to join the housing register

Apply to join the housing register

Once you have completed the application form, you will be asked to provide supporting information.

Once the information is received and on completion of the assessment, you will be advised of the outcome within 42 days.

If you are not eligible or do not qualify, you can request a review of that decision.

Giving false information in your application (for example under-declaring your income or claiming you have children when you don’t) is committing housing fraud.

You will be taken off the housing register and could even be taken to court.

Already applied?

If you have completed a housing application and are having trouble with your online Housing Account, please visit the 'How to use your online housing account' page.

Alternatively you can log an enquiry by using our Ask Housing form.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances have changed in any way since your first housing application you must tell us so that your application can be updated and re-assessed.

You should tell us about:

  • additional household member that needs to be included on the application (a new baby or a new partner living at the same address)
  • changes in household - the death of a member of the household, divorce/relationship breakdown, member of the household who has now moved away/left the family home
  • change of address
  • someone is no longer eligible
  • changes in medical conditions which are affected by your current housing

You will need to complete a change in circumstances form and provide proof of the change, (a full birth certificate for a new child or tenancy agreement/ utility bill/ bank statements for a new address).

Where there has been a change in medical condition you will need to complete a medical self-assessment form.

Once the change of circumstances and proof is received, we aim to have it assessed within 28 days. This could mean you moving to a different band or changing your priority date. You will be sent a written outcome of the assessment.