You are responsible for telling us about any changes to your income or household details as they may affect your benefit. Tell us straight away if any changes occur or you may lose out on benefit.

If you have a change and it turns out you aren't entitled to money you have been paid it will create an overpayment and you will need to pay the money back.

You can view your current entitlement and what we base your benefits on by logging into your housing benefit account

Changes you need to tell us about

You must tell us about the following changes even if you are in receipt of Universal Credit:

  • changes to the income of any non-dependants in your household
  • stop receiving any benefit from the DWP
  • start receiving a new benefit or change from one type of benefit to another

Household changes you must tell us about:

  • if anyone moves in or vacates your home such as a partner, lodger or new born child
  • if a family member turns 16, 18, 19 or 25 years of age
  • if your status changes eg you and your partner are no longer a couple or start to live with a household member as a couple

Moving home in Havering

If you are moving within the borough of Havering please tell us.

Tell us about a change

Changes you need to tell the DWP about

If you receive of Universal Credit you need to tell your DWP advisor about the following changes:

  • income and savings changes for you or your partner
  • receiving more or less income from any source such as a pension
  • stopping or starting work
  • your income or savings going up or down
  • your savings and capital go over £16,000 if you are receiving housing benefit £6,000 if you are receiving Council Tax Support

Tell the DWP about a change

Newly moved to Havering

If you are new to the borough of Havering you will need to make a new claim.

Make a claim for housing benefit or Council Tax support

If you fail to tell us about changes or provide false information you may have to pay us money back and you could be prosecuted. Any delay in telling us about a change may mean you lose benefit.