How to pay your Council tax

Issue paying when using Internet Explorer browser

You may experience an issue when making a payment online using some versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browsers.

The payment should go through and an email will be sent to confirm success so please do check your inbox, but the conformation page in the payment system may not load correctly.

To make sure your payment goes through without an issue please use a different browser such as FireFox or Chrome

Find out what browser you are using


97 per cent of people pay their Council Tax on time. Find out what happens if you fall behind with your payments.

Direct Debit

It is secure and once set up you don’t need to worry about making payments again plus you can choose to pay on the first,  fifteenth or twenty first of the month.

You can also amend the bank details or payment date on an existing Direct debit.

Set up or change a Direct Debit

Internet banking or bank transfer

You will need the Council’s bank details which are

  • National Westminster Bank plc
  • sort code: 62-00-44
  • account number: 14871734
  • reference: Please quote your Council tax account number.  Failure to do this will mean we will not be able to allocate the payment.   

Paying by card

You can pay your Council tax online with a valid debit card.

Make an online payment

Or you can call our express payment line on 01708 433993 and enter your card details securely.

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