Council tax bands and bills

Properties are placed into one of eight bands (A-H) depending on their market value on 1 April 1991.

The Valuation Office Agency is responsible for deciding the band for each property and the band will determine how much Council tax you pay.

The full Council tax is based on two or more adults living in your property.

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Check your Council tax band

You can check your Council tax band by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website.

If you want to challenge your band you can do so online by completing the Council tax band formal challenge form. Please be aware that following the outcome bands can go up, down or stay the same.

The table below shows the bands for Council tax for 2016-17 based on a full charge and a single resident discount charge. If you have moved into your property part way through the year then your bill will be worked out from when you became liable till 31 March.

Band Full charge

Single resident

discount charge

A £1,029.09 £771.82
B £1,200.61 £900.46
C £1,372.12 £1,029.09
D £1,543.64 £1,157.73
E £1,886.67 £1,415.00
F £2,229.70 £1,672.27
G £2,572.73 £1,929.55
H £3,087.28 £2,315.46

Council tax has been set at £1543.64 for a band D property for 2016-17. This means your Council tax bill has increased by 1.96%, compared with the previous year.​​ 

For more information about how the Council spends your Council tax please read our Council tax booklet.

Part of your Council tax also goes to the Greater London Authority. For more information please download Your Council tax and the Greater London Authority 

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