If you receive a Council Tax credit bill you can request your money back.  Refunds can take up to four weeks but most of the time they are quicker than this.

Usually the money will be returned to the bank account it came from. If there is more than one person named on the Council Tax account we will ask them all to sign the form.

We will always refund the money equally to each person named on the bill unless we have a signed letter or a refund form authorising the money to go to one person’s bank account.

Request a refund

If someone has passed away and you want to claim any credit on the account, you will need to complete a refund indemnity form.

Complete an indemnity form

If you would rather we refunded the money, please complete our refund form.

Refunds where you are still the bill payer

If you have a credit because of a backdated discount, benefit or band reduction we may use some of the credit to pay off the remainder of the current years bill.

If you would rather we refunded the money please complete our refund form.

Once you have done this, make a note of the form reference number. Then complete our general enquiry form explaining that you want the money back in your account.

If someone moves out of your property that was named on the bill but you are still named on the account, we will need to close the joint account and open one in your name.

This can result in a credit on the joint account and a larger bill for the new account. Normally we will send refund forms to both parties but we can transfer the credit to the new account as long as we get a signed letter from the person that moved out.

If they do not send this we will have to split the refund between those named on the bill.

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