Energy bills rebate 2022

The £150 payment to support with rising energy costs

In February 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced two schemes to help with rising energy bills.

  1. A one-off payment of £150 to households in Council Tax bands A to D, who are not exempt from Council Tax.
  2. A Discretionary Rebate Scheme for those who need help with their energy bills but are not eligible.

Only one £150 payment will be made per household, regardless of the number of occupants or liable Council Tax payers.

Reducing your Council Tax bill with the £150 payment is not an option at this time.

Beware of scams relating to this scheme

We are aware of fraudsters making calls in relation to the £150 Council Tax rebate.

The callers claim to be from ‘the Council’ and ask residents for their bank details so that the Council can pay the £150 rebate direct to their account.

Do not provide your bank details to anyone calling you claiming to be from the Council’s Council Tax office and asking for your bank details.

Havering Council will not ask for your bank details over the phone.

The eligibility criteria

  • The property is valued in Council Tax bands A - D on the 1 April 2022. This includes properties that are valued in band E but have an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme.
  • The property is someone's sole or main residence.
  • The property is a chargeable dwelling, or in exemption classes:
    • N (occupied solely by full time students)
    • S (occupied by people under the age of 18)
    • U (occupied by someone who is severely mentally impaired)
    • W (annexes occupied by dependant relative)
  • The person who is liable to pay the Council Tax (or would be were the property not exempt) is not a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the Government or Governmental body.

A property that meets all the criteria but has a nil Council Tax liability as a result of local Council Tax support / reduction, will be eligible.

Second homes and empty properties will not be eligible.

Check your Council Tax band

Getting the £150 payment if you do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

If you are eligible for the £150 payment but do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, the quickest and most convenient way to receive the payment is by setting up a Direct Debit to pay your Council Tax.

How to register for a Havering Council Tax account to pay by Direct Debit

Last opportunity to claim

The vast majority of households living in Council Tax properties banded A to D have now received their £150 Energy Rebate to help with the rising cost of energy bills.

If you haven’t received your Energy Rebate payment because you don’t pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, use the secure link below to apply for your payment.

If an eligible household doesn’t claim the money by the end of July 2022, it will be credited to their Council Tax account instead.

Energy Rebate application

Once the Council receives and checks your completed form, the payment will be issued.

This will take about 10 working days from the date of your online application.

You can check this web page for further updates.

Getting the £150 payment for direct debit payers

Over 54,000 residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit should receive their £150 Rebate in their bank account by Tuesday 31May 2022.

We will continue to make payments over the coming weeks to residents who have recently provided their bank details for Direct Debit.

The payment will be credited to your bank account if you set up a Direct Debit now.

The payment will be made to the bank account from which the Direct Debit is taken.

If you have moved home since 1 April 2022 and were paying your Council Tax by Direct Debit, please complete the Energy Rebate application form above.

Getting help if you do not qualify for the £150

Discretionary funding will be available for those who are in Council Tax bands E to H or are not liable for Council because they live in shared accommodation.

This page will be updated shortly with details of the Energy Rebate Discretionary policy.

Please continue to pay your Council Tax instalments on the dates shown on your bill.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, please contact us as we can help you.

Help reducing your energy use

If you have claimed or are expecting your £150 payment but have not received it

If you are a non-Direct Debit payer, you will receive your payment or credit to your Council Tax at the end of ten working days from the date your application was made.

New Direct Debit payers will also receive payment after their first Council Tax instalment has been received.

Please email if you have not received your payment.

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