Payment systems scheduled maintenance

Due to scheduled maintenance online and automated telephone payments will be unavailable between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday 26 May 2018.

Changes to housing IT systems and See My Data - Friday 25 May to Monday 4 June 2018

During this period no new information will be added to See My Data. This means rent payments and repair requests submitted will not be showing in your online account. You can still raise a repair request by using See My Data and we will ensure it gets to our repair teams. All our housing services remain operational so if you need any help please call 01708 434000. We expect more calls than normal in this period so we thank you for your patience.

Tenant and landlord disputes

All tenancy agreements involve both rights and responsibilities. It is up to both the landlord and the tenant to respect and maintain these responsibilities.

When there is a dispute between a landlord and a tenant it is possibly because one or more of these rights/responsibilities is being contravened.

If you think this could be you please do one or more of the following:

What we do

1. Resolving conflicts between landlords and tenants in the private rented sector over disrepair that could lead to eviction.

Disrepair advice may include complaints risen by tenants or landlords to Environment Health over:

  • broken doors
  • fence panels and windows
  • mould and dampness
  • fire safety
  • infestations
  • drainage problems
  • graffiti
  • litter/rubbish
  • overcrowding
  • heating/hot water supplies
  • personal/food hygiene
  • electrical problems; and
  • pest control including flying ants

2. Resolving relationship breakdown in the private rented sector that could lead to eviction.

Relationship breakdown which has occurred over a series of disputes between tenants - landlord. Advice can improve communication between both parties.

The officer works on rebuilding the relationship between tenant - landlord and mediates and offers specialist housing advice on the type of disputes that may arise. Concentration is on breaking down the communication barrier before enforcement action is taken by Environmental Health.

3. Resolving issues relating to evictions caused due to statutory overcrowding.

Preventing statutory overcrowding in the borough and facilitating the rehousing of tenants into suitable accommodation.

Conducts Environmental Health inspections with Environmental Health team over statutory overcrowding and ensures clients can be rehoused into suitable accommodation, makes links into Housing services if necessary. Liaises with relevant support agencies e.g. family mosaic if families need housing support.

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