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Deliveries of garden waste bins

There are delays in delivering new garden waste (green) bins. In some cases it can be up to 2 weeks or more for delivery. Apologies while we work to get them delivered to you as soon as possible.

Collections for flats

If you live in a flat with a sack collection, then your sacks will be collected together at the same time, but placed into separate compartments on the waste collection vehicle.

If you have this type of collection then you will also be able to recycle household batteries and small electrical items.

If you live in a flat with communal rubbish and recycling bins, these will be collected separately. Please ensure that recycling (orange) and rubbish (black) are placed into the correct bins, which are clearly marked.

If you live in a flat with communal rubbish and recycling bins, you cannot leave your household batteries out for collection. You can recycle them at supermarkets and some shops. To find out where use our recycling locator.

Report a missed rubbish collection

Reducing waste

Rubbish and recycling

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