Garden waste service renewals update

We are experiencing delays getting the 2023/2024 sticker for your bin delivered. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Your bin will still be collected while we resolve the issue.

Composting at home

Composting in your garden

Composting is a great way of turning old fruit, vegetables and garden waste into free compost for your garden. It helps the environment and saves you money. To get started you will need a sturdy compost bin.

A caddy can help you store your food waste in the kitchen for a couple of days before transferring it to your compost bin.

Virtual composting workshops

Take part in a virtual compost course with Garden Organic (using password ELWACompost). This course provides five short lessons (approximately 20 minutes each) and can be accessed at your leisure.

Join a compost course (password:ELWACompost)

Ask us about composting workshops

We also carry out face to face composting courses. We run these throughout the year. If you would like to join the mailing list for when these are held or if you would like to ask us about the course, please fill out the form below.

Fill in our form for composting workshop updates request and enquiries

Special compost bin and caddy offer

Special reduced price bins are subject to availability. Reduced price compost bins are currently available to buy.

Reduced price

  • A 220 litre compost bin with a free 5 litre caddy, including delivery, is £15.99.
  • A 330 litre compost bin with a free 5 litre caddy, including delivery, is £18.49.

Normal price

  • 220 litre bins are £25
  • 330 litre bins are £28.50
  • 5 litre caddy is £6.99
  • Delivery is £6.99

For example, the 220 litre deal that is offered at £15.99 (includes bin, caddy and delivery), would cost £38.98, or £42.48 for the 330 litre deal, if we are not currently offering the discounted price.

When ordering online, don’t forget to select your free kitchen caddy and add it to your order basket.

Order a compost bin

Or call 0800 316 4454 to place an order.

Other items (including caddy liners and wormeries) are also available from the Get Composting‚Äč web shop.

Compostable caddy liners

We are also teamed up with to provide an exclusive offer of caddy liners and other great products.

This special range of caddy liners and caddies will help you dispose of your food waste in a way that benefits our environment.

Order caddy liners

Learn more about composting

Buying a compost bin / making your own compost area

Many garden centres and large supermarkets sell relatively inexpensive bins for composting kitchen and garden waste. Alternatively you can compost by creating a compost heap in a corner of your garden, or building your own compost bin out of old pallets or pieces of wood.

Log onto the BBC gardening website to find out how to get started.

Composting service

Don't want to use your composting? We can take your compostable materials away with our compostable sack service.

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