Love food hate waste

Over 40 percent of black bag rubbish in Havering is food waste. This is bad for the environment and costs millions to dispose of every year.

However, by reducing food waste in your home you could save an average of £70 per month.

Register your interest in a free cookery workshop

We offer free training sessions and resources to help you reduce food waste at home so you can save money and eat healthily.

The sessions are around two hours and include lots of information, discussion and activities to teach you good tips to be able to reduce your food waste and save money.

The session also includes demonstrations of at least two different dishes, performed by our local professional chefs, for you to sample, and finishes with a cooking activity for you to take part in and then take home to eat.

With over 100 workshops that have taken place and over 2000 residents of Havering that have attended, we hope that will act as a springboard for everyone who attended to help them reduce food waste and save money as well as pass on their useful tips to friends and family.

The free workshops include the demonstration and tasting of a three course meal.

Know your dates

Checking dates saves money. Food can be eaten right up to a use-by date or frozen. Best before dates are for quality so there is no need to throw out food on the stated date - eggs being the exception. 

Lovely leftovers

Being creative with leftovers is a clever way to save money and make what's in the fridge go further. The Sunday roast leftovers can be used in many dishes from cheeky curries to cracking risottos. 

It pays to plan

A great way of saving time and money is to check what's in the cupboard, fridge and freezer and make a list before going shopping.

Planning like this removes the hassle of thinking about what to eat everyday and lets us enjoy food at its freshest.

Cook from the cupboard

With canned and dried foods in the cupboard and some fridge and freezer basics, you can pull together a quick meal to make the most of any leftovers.

Perfect portions

It's very likely we've all got the perfect thing for measuring a portion of rice, pasta, or potato in our kitchen. A regular mug works for rice. A mug of uncooked rice is the right amount to feed four adults.

Try the Portion Calculator at Love Food Hate Waste.

Become A Love Food Hate Waste Champion 

Havering Council offers free training sessions and resources to residents of the borough who are interested in learning how to reduce food waste at home to save money, eat healthily whilst also helping the environment, and would be willing to share this knowledge with their family, friends and local community.

Register your interest

We will contact you when a training date has been arranged.

The sessions last up to two hours and include lots of information about Love Food Hate Waste, and some activities to teach you about reducing food waste and saving money.

We offer ongoing support and can provide you with useful tools to test and demonstrate the tips from the campaign.

Around 40 per cent of black sack rubbish in Havering is food waste.

Together we can reduce this figure to help the environment and save money.

If you waste less food it's estimated that the average family can save up to £70 each month. 

It’s easy to do, you just need to make a few changes to your buying, cooking and storing habits and you will notice the difference.

Go to the Love Food Hate Waste website

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