Clinical waste collections


We are not responsible for all clinical waste collections. If you are under the care of the district nurse, then please contact the Havering Clinical Commissioning Group.

We will collect and dispose of clinical/healthcare waste in yellow bags for free.

Items such as surgical waste and used syringes can be collected in approved containers and sacks. Please do not overfill yellow bags and ensure that they are securely tied.

Incontinence waste and sanitary products do not need to be collected as clinical waste. They can be disposed of in normal black sack rubbish, as long as they are well-wrapped.

We cannot accept yellow boxes with purple lids or completely purple boxes. This is cytotoxic waste and must be returned to the hospital or care unit you are being treated by.

Apply for or cancel a clinical waste collection


We also provide a clinical waste collection service for businesses.

This costs £12 per bag or box.

To request this service please call 01708 432 563

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