Report a missed collection

Things to check before reporting a missed collection

  1. Your collection day
  2. If it is after 5pm and the crew has already been down your road
  3. The correct bags were used
  4. Your rubbish and recycling was left at your home's boundary by 7am on your collection day
  5. Your bags have not been 'stickered'
  6. Your road is not listed on our missed roads page. Instructions about what to then do if your road is listed, eg leave the bags out to be collected the next day, is published on the missed roads page with the list of roads.

Tell us we've missed your collection

Report a missed collection

You will need to create a My Havering account with us first before reporting a missed collection. Get help with My Havering

Stickered sacks

If you have had your sacks stickered and left uncollected it means there are items in there that shouldn't be. Please remove the incorrect items and it will be collected on your next collection day.

To find out what can go in your orange sacks please view our orange sacks page.

To find out what can go in your black sacks please see our black sacks page.

image of sticker put on bin
image of sticker put on bin

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