Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre

Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre is Havering's main disposal site for household waste and recycling.

Gerpins Lane, Upminster, RM14 2XR

0800 389 9918

The centre opens 7.30am and closes at 5.45pm (although it is always best to check their website) and these times may change over holiday periods. Check our service changes page for time change updates.

Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre website

Identification is needed to use Gerpins Lane

You will need to bring a form of identification showing your current address to use the refuse and recycling centre. For example:

  • a recent Council tax bill
  • your driving license

If you are bringing restricted waste you may need a permit.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

At each of the sites Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are in operation to help identify vehicles fraudulently disposing of waste. Additionally, all sites are fitted with CCTV cameras which may be used for the detection and prevention of crime.

Vans and light comercial vehicles

No Luton Vans, vans with tail lifts or tippers of any size are permitted to access any site at this time.

Light commercial-type vehicles (under 3,500kg maximum permissible mass) and single axle trailers are permitted at Gerpins Lane if they are carrying household waste, or restricted household waste with authorisation from us.

If driving a van, you are asked to bring the vehicle’s V5C logbook to prove it is below this weight threshold and may be re-directed to the Jenkins Lane site if this is not the case.

Received a letter?

If you visit the Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRC) frequently you may receive a letter from site staff advising you to contact your Local Authority in order to continue tipping free of charge.

This is necessary to ensure that only household waste is tipped for free; any commercial waste should be paid for.

If the Local Authority is not consulted, you may be delayed or prevented from accessing the site(s) in future.

Please be assured that this action is required simply to establish that you are a resident of one of the ELWA Constituent Councils (London Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham and Redbridge) and that you are disposing of household waste.

Once this has been confirmed with your Council, your access to the RRC will be unhindered and no further action will be taken.

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