School term and holiday dates

If your child attends an Academy, Voluntary Aided School or Free School then it is recommended that you contact the School / Academy​ directly.

Summary of 2017-2018 term dates

  • Autumn term is from Monday 4 September 2017 to Wednesday 20 December 2017 made up of 73 school days
  • Spring term is from Tuesday 2 January 2018 to Thursday 29 March 2018 made up of 58 school days
  • Summer term is from Monday 16 April 2018 to Friday 20 July 2019 made up of 64 school days

Full term date details

Non-pupil days

Please note that these term dates do not include the five non-pupil days.

The first always occurs on the first day of the autumn term. The other four are arranged by the headteachers and school governors.

Please contact the schools directly for these dates.

Early years term and holiday dates

Providers may choose to set alternative term dates but should consider School term dates when doing so. There are 38 funded weeks in the early years Calendar with a maximum claim of 570 funded hours available for two year olds and universally funded three and four year olds, and up to 1,140 hours for three and four year olds of working parents (30 hours childcare).

Term dates 2018-21 revised

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