Fraudulent applications / Address of convenience

An address of convenience is an address used by a parent or carer to try to gain a school place from an address which is not the child's normal, permanent home address.

The address used in any Havering school application must be where the child resides for the majority of the school week, and where the child's primary guardian normally permanently resides.

Address investigation

Havering has a duty to ensure all school places are offered correctly and fairly, and therefore has a duty to ensure all addresses used for the purpose of allocating school places are accurate. Any address can be investigated at any time to ensure the authority fulfils its duty.

Further information on the assessment and address of convenience can be found in the address of convenience assessment protocol document below.

Address of convenience assessment protocol document

If you believe that an application is being made using an address of convenience then you can use the online form to refer your concerns to us.

Address of convenience referral form

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