Weights and measures

Trading Standards are required to ensure that all goods sold are correctly weighed and measured in accordance with current legislation.

Consumer complaints about short weight, short measure or contaminated petrol

Consumers should contact the Citizens Advice Bureau where they will obtain expert help on their rights and the detail of their complaint will be passed to the partnership if their help is needed.

Weights and Measures (Verification) appointments

If you have new or repaired weighing or measuring equipment (scales, petrol pumps, etc.) which needs to be passed as fit for use for trade, and which are based in any of the North East London Metrology Partnership boroughs, can carry out this work.

For information, or to make an appointment please contact North East London Metrology Partnership at the address below.

North East London Metrology Partnership

Langtons Cottage,
Billet Lane,
RM11 1XJ

01708 433427


Other testing and calibration services

The North East London Metrology Partnership laboratory has a proven track record of providing a testing and calibration service to both local authorities and industry in areas including:

  • Mass (weights) Traceable to the National Standards
  • Glass measures and flasks
  • Metal capacity measures
  • Tape measures and rules
  • Weighing machines
  • Tyre pressure gauges
  • Brake testers

Our mass laboratory is housed here in the London Borough of Havering.

It has the capacity to test and calibrate weights between 1mg and 20kg to OIML Class M1 and F2 uncertainties.

Capacity measures from 1ml to 20 litres are tested gravimetrically in accordance with British Standards and National Weights and Measures Laboratory requirements. The measures are tested and then reported at 20°C.

Metric rules and tape measures up to 30 metres in length are calibrated and certified to an accuracy level suitable for general purposes and for master tapes against which working tapes are compared.

In some instances it may be possible to certify the accuracy of tape measures to 50 metres in length.

To help in the testing of measuring instruments we can mark and verify distances.

The laboratory can then issue certificates of calibration and reports for work done for clients in accordance with Section 74(4) of the Weights and Measures Act 1985.

Our service promises

  1. The laboratory has a customer focused approach and the technical officers are on hand to give free and impartial advice on the testing and calibration of weights and other equipment.
  2. All telephone and email enquires will be responded to within one working day.
  3. The laboratory will provide immediate telephone quotations for standard items. All quotations are provide free with no obligation and we try to be competitive. We provide immediate telephone quotations for standard items. For more unusual items or those involving the use of heavy equipment we are happy to visit your premises to see how far we can be of assistance.
  4. Calibration work can normally be undertaken without prior notice and delivery time is usually within five working days, although an express service may be available. If you have a deadline to meet please contact a member of the team who will try to meet your requirements.
  5. For your convenience we can help with delivery and collection of loads of up to one tonne. We may also be able to provide a service direct from and to your premises. A fee will be charged for collection and delivery.
  6. As part of a partnership it may be possible to arrange collection from the trading standards services in the partner Boroughs.

North East London Metrology Partnership

The North East London Metrology Partnership is a joint enterprise funded by the Boroughs of Havering, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Newham for the provision of certain Weights and Measures functions required to be provided under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 in the respective administrative areas.

The Partnership was formed in April 2002 by the four London Boroughs to allow the pooling of resources by providing a joint service to reduce administrative costs and provide a much better service to consumers and business alike.

The Partnership was set up to improve services, improve efficiency in meeting statutory requirements in the areas of verification and some specialist inspections under weights and measures.

Italso hopes to establish a 'centre of excellence' to support consumers, commerce, industry and the profession.

Aim of the service

  1. Ensure the integrity and maintenance of one set of local standards reducing the costs by 25 per cent.
  2. Maintain a mass calibration and testing service and the maintenance of such equipment.
  3. Provide a testing and alteration service of all working standards within five working days - cost absorbed in the membership fee.
  4. Provide one mass laboratory and a 'wet' laboratory to ensure the accurate testing of working standards and other equipment submitted for test.
  5. Provide one contact point for metrological service requests.
  6. Provide a uniform service in the inspection and verification of weighing and measuring equipment.
  7. Provide a uniform approach to the inspection of premises under the Weights and Measures Act 1985, in particular part V (average quantity).

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