Caravan site licence

Apply for a caravan site licence 

Caravan sites are controlled by the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, enforced by local authorities and require planning permission and a licence unless they are owned by the Council itself.

Caravans include mobile homes which often resemble small bungalows.

Sites are of two main types.

  • Holiday sites where individuals rent caravans for short periods or where touring caravans are allowed to park for short periods
  • Permanent residential mobile home sites where residents either own the homes outright or rent them on a long term basis from the site owner. They are the permanent and usually only home of the occupiers

Once planning permission is granted, the Council must issue a licence or serve a refusal notice giving reasons for the refusal. The Council can attach conditions to the licence which must be based on model conditions issued in 2008 by Central Government.

We are obliged to keep a register of site Licences. A copy is available online and will be updated as necessary to ensure accuracy.

View the register of site licences

We are also obliged to keep a Register of Site Rules available as above. 

Register of site rules

For any query relating to a caravan site in the borough, please contact


The conditions cover many different matters to ensure that the welfare and health and safety of site residents are protected and to restrict the possibility of nuisance to neighbouring land and property.

Such matters as drainage, gas, water and electricity supply, fire precautions, number of caravans allowed, recreational space and boundaries are covered.

Failure to comply with a site condition is a criminal offence once a site licence is in force.

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