Skip and building material licences

Under the Highways Act 1980 it is an offence to place anything on the highway unless authorised by a licence in writing issued by the Highway Authority.​​​

Apply for a skip licence

Apply online for a skip licence 

Apply for a building material licence 

Apply online for a building material licence



  • £80 for 14 days (3 working day advance notice needed)
  • £70 for 7 day renewal (3 working day advance notice needed)

Building materials:

  • £93 for 14 days (3 working day advance notice needed)
  • £81 for 7 day renewal (3 working day advance notice needed)

Issuing the licence

Once issued, the licence will be sent to the skip hire company.

Residents will not receive a copy of the skip licence.

Unlicensed skips or materials will be issued with an on the spot fine of £639, this is in addition to any licence charges that apply.

Building material licenses can be applied for either by a resident or by the contractors carrying out the works which require the materials to be placed on the highway.   

However, fees must be paid before a license is issued.

Licenses for building materials will be sent to the address provided.​

Legal requirements

It is a legal requirement to obtain a licence to place any skip or materials on the public highway, all of which must be signed and guarded with reflective signs and barriers/cones and illuminated with lamps in the hours of darkness.

Illegal skips or materials placed on the public highway will be removed without notice by the London Borough of Havering and the offender issued with all associated costs/fines. 

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