Child employment

Child work licence

A child of compulsory school age who helps in business, whether they receive payment or not, will be considered employed.

For children to work a licence must be applied for and there are certain limits on the times and amount they can work.

Apply for a work permit for school children

Learn more about what is required of employers and the safeguards for children on the GOV.UK website.


Chaperones are responsible for the welfare of children working in the performance industry.

Anyone acting in the capacity of a chaperone, other than the child's parent, will require a licence.

A chaperone is expected to exercise the care a good parent would give.

Children must be under the supervision of the chaperone all the time they are at the place of performance except while they are in charge of an approved tutor,

To ensure that all requirements are being met, a representative of the council may carry out an inspection of any production taking place in the borough whenever children are part of the production.

First aid training

In order to obtain a full chaperone licence you will need to have First Aid Training and be able to supply a valid First Aid certificate. Please enquire as to the correct First Aid training course to attend through the Child Employment Officer on 01708 431527/1777 or email

Apply to be a Chaperone

To apply to be a chaperone please contact the Child Employment Officer on 01708 431527/1777 or email

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