Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud costs taxpayers millions of pounds each year. If you think you know of someone committing a benefit fraud please contact the National Benefit Fraud Hotline.

How to report fraud

Report benefit fraud online

Alternatively you can call the National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440.

What information do we need?

If you are reporting someone you need to give as much information as possible including:

  • ​The name of the person involved
  • The address of the person involved
  • Reason you suspect a fraud is being committed

What is benefit fraud?

If someone claims benefits that they are not entitled to, they may be committing benefit fraud.

Some examples of benefit fraud are when someone claims benefit but does not tell the council that they:

  • ​are no longer living in the property they claimed for
  • have undeclared capital, investments or property
  • are working when they say they are not
  • have a partner who lives with them that we don't know about
  • are receiving other income that has not been declared

Landlords and ​employers

Benefit fraud can also be committed by landlords and ​employers.

If a landlord, who is paid directly, fails to notify the council that the person entitled to benefit has left the property then he or she may be committing benefit fraud.

The employer of the person claiming benefit may be committing benefit fraud if they understate the number of hours worked/wages paid or incorrectly state that the claimant does not work for them.


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