Emergency help

If you have an unexpected emergency expense you may be able to get help.

Household Support Fund

Vulnerable households across the country may be able to access funds to help them with the rising cost of living, for example if you are struggling to buy food or pay for essential utility bills or other essential living costs.

The Household Support Fund funds several Havering support schemes. See our general financial support page for support details and where to apply for assistance.

Go to our general financial support page

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Citizen's Advice

Citizen's Advice offer information on:

Emergency Assistance Scheme

This scheme provides genuine support to the most financially vulnerable people in Havering.

Apply for emergency assistance

Emergency assistance scheme policy

Food banks

The food banks work with frontline care agencies that identify people in crisis and issue them with a food bank voucher.

There are three food banks in the borough.

Liberty Credit Union

Liberty credit union is a community-based savings and loans organisation, open to anyone who lives or works in the borough.

They offer an easy-access savings account and preferential rate loans with free life and loan insurance.

Visit the Liberty Credit union website.

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