Abandoned vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle to us

Please ensure that the vehicle has been abandoned for at least a week.

However if the vehicle is burnt out, smashed up or dangerously parked contact us immediately as these may be a danger.

If the vehicle is untaxed you should refer it to DVLA (Driver and vehicle licensing Agency).

You can tell if a vehicle is taxed or not by visiting the GOV.UK tax checker.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Ask us to remove your unwanted vehicle

If you own a vehicle and no longer want it we can remove it free of charge. Print out our Surrendered vehicle form and return to the address on the form.

If you also send us your keys you don't need to be present. Otherwise we will contact you to arrange collection.

Don't forget to also notify the DVLA that you are surrendering the vehicle. Details are on the form.

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