Same sex marriages and civil partnerships

Those couples not in an existing legal relationship can now give notice of marriage (which is the legal process to apply for a licence for marriage).

Same sex marriage can be booked to take place at Langtons House​ or any licensed venue.

Notice of marriage must be given a minimum of 28 days before the ceremony date but can be given up to a year in advance.

Conversions and couples already in an existing legal relationship

Couples currently in a civil partnership will be able to convert this into a marriage, if they wish.

Civil partnership ceremonies

Civil partnership is still available to same sex couples.

The legal registration of a partnership between two people of the same sex came into force on 5 December 2005. This means that they will have same rights in law as married couples.

The legal requirements to enter into a civil partnership will be exactly the same as for two people entering a marriage - they should be over the age of 16 years (parental consent required if under 18) and legally free to enter into the partnership with someone else.

Giving notice will be the same as marriage.

The Council's Registration Service offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their civil partnership at a bespoke ceremony conducted at Langtons House, or any of the approved venues in the borough.

Commemorative Certificates

Commemorative certificates are available for civil partnership ceremonies at a cost of £10.

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