Carers register and alert card

Carers register

The carers hub holds a list of carers so we can keep them up to date with news and events in the borough. It also allows us to get feedback on services and to shape how we deliver our services going forward.

To join the carers register  contact the carers hub by email at or you can call 01708 961 111

There is more information on our Carers Hub page.

Emergency Alert Card

Emergency Alert Cards are for you to carry in your purse, wallet or handbag. They let others know that there is someone who is dependent on you and could be vulnerable if something were to happen to you.

You will be asked to give the contact details of one or two people who can take your place in an emergency. You will need to make sure they are happy to do this and that they know what to do to help the person you care for.

The emergency services or other people can contact an emergency telephone number to access help and advice.

To sign up for an Emergency Alert Card please get in touch:



Telephone: 01708 961 111


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