Adaptations are where equipment is added to the structure of a property or the property is changed to make life easier for the person living there.

Hand rails

Hand rails can make a real difference if you have trouble moving around your property, getting up or down from chairs or up and down the stairs.

If you would like some hand rails please call 01708 432000

Down stairs bedrooms

If stairs are becoming difficult and your bedroom is upstairs it might be better to change a downstairs room into a bedroom. you can do this with help from friends or family and it may even mean you are entitled to a reduction in your Council tax

Wheelchair ramps and lifts

If someone is permanently in a wheelchair and has steps leading up to their property wheelchair ramps are a necessity.

Sometimes a ramp may not be suitable. for example if there are a lot of steep steps. Then a wheelchair lift might be needed.

if you need a wheelchair ramp or lift please request an assessment

Disabled parking bays

If you feel you need a disabled parking bay please visit our disabled people web page.


Stairlifts can help you get up and down the stairs in your property. However they can be quite expensive. You can buy stairlifts from private companies:

If you are on a low income and there is no alternative to having a stairlift we may be able to install one for you. If you think you would qualify please request an assessment 

Wet rooms or walk in showers

Wet rooms and walk in showers are where a bathroom is changed so that the bath is removed and floor drains installed. A shower is then installed and the floor and walls made waterproof.

Normally wet rooms and walk in showers are installed to help disabled people or people that can no longer get in and out of baths wash.

It may be cheaper and easier to see if some equipment could help such as bath boards. For more information visit our equipment page.

You can have a wet room or walk in shower installed by private companies:

We may be able to install a wetroom for you if

  • you are on a low income
  • you cannot wash by any other means ie wash at a sink
  • have a medical condition

If you think you would qualify please request an assessment 

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