How to get help and contact Havering Adult Social Care

To get help, you may like to contact your Local Area Coordinator or Here to Help Havering before speaking to us. The support they offer may be more appropriate.

If you need some help or are not sure what kind of help you need, you can call us and have a chat. We will do our best to guide you towards the right kind of support for you.

You can call Havering Adult Social Care on behalf of a friend or relative but we will need to speak to them at some point too.

You can complete our Adult Social Care enquiry form and we can call you back or respond by email.

Contact Adult Social Care online

Or you can call Havering Adult Social Care on 01708 432000 during the office hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If it’s an emergency and outside our usual office hours you can call 01708 433999.


If you need more than just advice and information then we can have a more detailed conversation with you.

This is where we talk to you about the things that are working well and what gives your life meaning and purpose, your day to day routines and the support available around you.

Use the form above to get an assessment.

We will work with you to see how your needs can be supported ensuring that you are safe and can remain as independent as possible.

You can have a friend or family member with you if you like.

Sometimes you may need to pay to get the help you need, but if this is a problem we can carry out a financial assessment to see if we can help pay for your support.

If we provide on-going support to help you manage more independently we normally review the care you receive from time to time to see how it’s going and make sure that the support is at the right level for you. This could mean revising the arrangements to make them better suited if your needs change.

We can also have similar conversations with carers to understand how the caring role impacts your life and if we can help to support you in your caring role. You can find out more on our carers page.

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