Personal assistants

If you need help you can get support from a personal assistant. This is someone that you employ to support you with the things you need.

If you do employ a personal assistant, you will have employer and legal responsibilities that you need to be aware of.

Read the government guidance on employing someone to work in your home

The Council holds a list of accredited personal assistants working in the borough and can support you to find the right personal assistant for you.

If you have a direct payment from the Council you can employ a personal assistant using your direct payment.

Read more about employing a personal assistant with your direct payment

If you are currently receiving a different type of support from the council and would like to switch to a personal assistant you can contact the council to ask about personal assistants.

Becoming a personal assistant in Havering

If you are already, or want to become, a personal assistant in Havering, we run an accreditation process and can register you so you receive:

  • information about training opportunities
  • access to support from the Council
  • invitations to events to meet other personal assistants
  • accreditation on the borough’s accreditation list

Ask adult social care about becoming a personal assistant

Praise for Havering personal assistants

Daughter Donna Pearson praises the care and support her 90-year-old mum Iris receives from personal assistants from Havering Council.

They're polite, helpful and experienced, she says. Their presence gives peace of mind.

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