Allied Healthcare statement

Allied Healthcare has advised us that they are under new ownership from 30 November 2018. This means residents who have been receiving services from their valued home care workforce will continue to do so. Find out more by reading our full statement

Mobile meal deliveries for Havering residents - Changes to the Sodexo service

Residents affected by the change-over in mobile meals provider Sodexo can contact the Council for advice and support. Sodexo, which has been delivering meals to residents since 2016, stopped providing meals on Friday, 30 November 2018. A number of residents who have moved to the new provider Aki Catering have been experiencing difficulties. If you’ve been affected and need support, please contact 01708 434656, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For any emergency situations between 5pm and 9am or over the weekend, please contact our out of hours service on 01708 433999.

Appointees and deputies


If someone cannot manage their finances an appointee can do it for them.

This normally includes managing their benefits.

They then use this money for the person on their behalf and in their best interests.

An appointee can be:

  • someone you know
  • an organisation eg a solicitor
  • the Council

Find out more about appointees and how to become an appointee

Find a solicitor

There’s a different process for being an appointee for tax credits.

If you are already an appointee and want to stop there is information at the bottom of the website on how to do this.

The Council as your appointee

Normally the Council is only someone’s appointee if there is no one else available.

If you feel you need us to be your appointee, you will need to speak to your social worker. If you don’t have a social worker, or are concerned about someone else maybe needing an appointee please complete our ask adult social care online form or call 01708 432000.

There is no charge if the Council is someone’s appointee.


Family and friends can also become a deputy.

This means they also make decisions about your medical treatment and organise your finances.

There is more information on the Gov.UK website.

The Council as your deputy

The Council can also become your deputy. Normally the Council will be your appointee first.

There is a charge and ongoing fee if the Council is your deputy.

To find out more about the Council becoming your appointee please complete our ask adult social care online form or call 01708 432000.


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