Help from an advocate

If you need help with sharing your views and making choices, an advocate can support you.

An advocate helps you to:

  • express your views
  • represent your issues
  • get the service you need
  • understand and secure your rights
  • progress complaints
  • have an assessment

They can go with you to meetings with professionals and the Council. They can also attend assessments of your needs with you.

This service is free for people living in Havering who have a statutory right to advocacy because they:

  • are detained under the mental health act
  • have been deemed to lack capacity
  • have the right to access advocacy under the care act
  • wish to make a complaint against the NHS

If you need advocacy services you will usually be referred by a professional or the Council.

If you don’t have anyone to help you and would like an advocate please complete our ask adult social care form or call 01708 432000 and we will see if we can help.

Often charities can provide someone to be an advocate. The NHS website has information on which charities may help and the circumstances they would help in.

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