Help after hospital

Help after hospital is usually arranged by the hospital discharge team.

The hospital discharge team will carry out an assessment to make sure that when you leave hospital you have everything you need. This could be something like arranging handrails to prevent a fall, reablement to help you do things for yourself again or help getting dressed in the morning.

Sometimes a patient can be ready to leave hospital but not well enough to return to their previous place of residence.

In these circumstances patients will be discharged through the Discharge to Assess (D2A) pathway into a nursing home to receive additional support and further assessment.

Once someone has been discharged, any enquiries or needs for care will need to go through adult social care and you can contact them by completing our online form or calling 01708 432000.

Help getting back into the community

When you leave hospital you may need support to get back into doing the activities you enjoy, or to access social or fitness groups.

You can find activities available in the community on the Community Hub website.

You may be able to get support from Age UK community navigators who can help find activities and clubs that you are interested in. They can even attend the first few visits with you, if you need it.

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