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Havering Local Area Coordinators

We have Local Area Coordinators in some areas of Havering that support you in your community.

Coordinators support you to build your own vision for a good life, finding pragmatic solutions to any problems, and drawing on family and community resources.

This means that instead of assessing or signposting people into services, they can:

  • invest enough time in understanding what a good life looks like to you or your family, and how you could get there
  • help you to build your own capacity and connections, so that you can stay strong and independent
  • build new community connections or capacity where they don’t exist

There is no referral process or threshold. If you live in one of the areas covered by the service, give your Local Area Coordinator a call.

Areas and their coordinators

Harold Hill Local Area Coordinators

From March 2021 there will be a third Local Area Coordinator in Harold Hill and three Local Area Coordinators for Rainham and South Hornchurch. 

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