Do you have an interest in gardening? If so renting an allotment could be a rewarding experience. 

What better way can there be to exercise and unwind after a busy day than spending a few hours gardening in the fresh air knowing that your reward will be your own freshly-grown produce.​​​

Listed below are the names and addresses of the allotment sites that are spread throughout Havering. 

For a small annual charge you can rent a standard size plot (ie approximately 280 square metres). There is also a small charge made by the Allotment Society at each site.  

For details of availability please contact individual sites.

Allotment site Site steward Contact number Email
Archibald Road, 15 Archibald Road, Harold Wood RM3 0RD John Avery 01708 709721
Ashvale Gardens, 16 Ashvale Drive, Cranham RM14 3LX Mike Wilcox 01708 501505
Bretons Farm, Fontayne Avenue, Rainham RM13 7TH Valerie Staight
Chase Cross, 59 Chase Cross Road, Collier Row RM5 3PL Karen Waker     07876 680 922  
Chelmsford Avenue, 54 Chelmsford Avenue, Collier Row RM5 3XJ Mike Bocking 01708 744266  
Church Road, 8 Waterside Close, Harold Wood RM3 0HG
Dunningford, Upper Rainham Road, RM13 8SP, Elm Park RM12 5JP Ande Reid 07884 268649
Grey Towers North, 33 Grey Towers Avenue, Hornchurch RM11 1JF Paul Vaughan 07515 651808
Grey Towers South, 2 Lyndhurst Drive, Hornchurch RM11 1JY Linda Cain 07941 168309
Havering Grange, Ashvale Gardens, Collier Row RM5 3QA Gerrald Vale 01708 723013  
Heath Park, 22 Balmoral Road, Gidea Park RM2 5XD Penny Smith 07985 015405
Keats Avenue, 89 Keats Avenue, Harold Hill RM3 7BA John Millard 01708 375318  
MacDonald Avenue, 76 MacDonald Avenue Emerson Park, RM11 2NE Mina 07508 648518
Macon Way, 31 Macon Way, Cranham RM14 1NX Martin Thomas 01708 220353
Maylands, 49 Albany Road, Hornchurch RM12 4AE Rich Walland 01708 470210
Melville Road, 155 Wennington Road, Rainham RM13 9DF Jackie McArdle 07583 785 640
Mungo Park, 165 Mungo Park Road, South Hornchurch RM13 7PS Steven Rogers 07958 754742  
Norfolk Road, 9 Derby Avenue, Upminster RM14 2NS Dave Willox 01708 443544
Pretoria Road, 53 Pretoria Road, Romford RM7 7AU Harry Pain
Robin Close, Collier Row RM5 3UJ Stewart Hamilton 01708 765005  
Saffron Road, Collier Row RM5 3ES David Fry 01708 706543  
Sowrey Avenue, 1 Sowrey Avenue, South Hornchurch RM13 7LX Roy Goodwin 01708 525081
Stewart Avenue, 59 Stewart Avenue, Upminster RM14 2AE Andy Skeggs 07505 421902​
Strathmore Gardens, 1 Strathmore Gardens, Hornchurch, RM12 4BG Rob Hyde 01708 703049
Uphavering Terrace, 162 Abbs Cross Lane, Hornchurch RM12 4XR Dave Cutts 07904 538583
White Hart Lane, Collier Row RM7 8LD Joe Saliba 07931 908 779  


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