Street lighting (including illuminated signs and bollards)

It is our responsibility to maintain street lights on the public highway.

This includes lights on street signs and in road bollards.

Please note that some lights on major roads such as the A127 and A12 are not maintained by us but Transport for London so please contact them to report.

You should also report the problem to the land or property owner for where the light is located if it is not in an area we look after.

You can often tell who can repair what by the signs on the lamp posts.

The local electricity company, UK Power Networks is responsible for the power supply to these lights, however, you can still report faults in the power supply to us and we'll pass it on to UK Power Networks.

Report a problem with a street light

Do you think it is an emergency? Check to see if it is and find out what to do

If it is not an emergency please report it to us.

Types of light you can report to us are:

  • street lights
  • illuminated signs and bollards
  • subway lights
  • zebra crossing lights

Report a street light fault

Make sure you're reporting the right type of light

These are examples of the types of lights used around Havering.

Street light

Street lights

Illuminated signs and bollards

Lit bollardSign with a light

Subway light

Subway lighting

Zebra crossing light

Crossing beacon light and zebra crossing

Pedestrian crossings

For crossings that do not have pedestrian-operated lights, you can report damaged poles, light fittings or broken bulbs using one of the options above.

Minor faults and bulb replacement will normally be taken care of within seven days.

Power supply problems have to be dealt with by EDF. This can take up to 4 months.

If the lights at pedestrian crossings are not working you will need to report the problem to the correct organisation and this is listed on the crossing. Push-button controlled pedestrian crossing lights, for example, are maintained by Transport for London (TfL).

UK Power Networks reported faults map

Some faults are caused by a power supply problem to the light, bollard or sign. 

In those cases we pass the fault information on to UK Power Networks, who are responsible for fixing the power supply problem. 

View a map of current power supply faults reported to UK Power Networks.

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