We Are FSTVL - May 2019

There are road closures in place for We Are FSTVL from 14 to 31 May. The festival performances run between 24 and 26 May. You can contact the festival hotline on 020 3781 7139 for more information or if you need to report an issue. Find out more about the festival and see the road closures map

Highway bridges and structures

Our bridges are inspected approximately every two years and a programme of maintenance work is drawn up.

Incidents of damage through vehicle collision, storm damage, or other causes are investigated as soon as possible.​

In the case of damage to bridges by vehicles, we will try to reclaim repair costs via the person who was responsible for the accident. If you see this damage caused by a vehicle  please report this to us and include the vehicle details.

Report a problem with a highway bridge or structure

All highway structures have:

  • general inspection every two years
  • detailed principal inspection every sixth year
  • town centre subways inspected monthly

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