Gritting and snow clearing

Gritting of our roads is based on a priority system. Roads on the priority one routes are done first and, based on time and the conditions, we move on to the priority two roads.

We have over 2,000 tonnes of salt ready to grit over 380 miles of roads which is enough for almost three weeks of continuous snowfall.

We operate seven days a week to make sure we keep Havering moving.

Use our map to find priority one gritting routes near you

To use the map to view the priority one gritting routes please follow these instructions.

  1. Enter a postcode or street name and select your address to get the map to zoom in on your selected location.
  2. Make sure the box 'Winter service gritting routes' is ticked.
  3. Zoom in and out of the main map to see where the routes go to and from in relation to the location you have selected and are centred on.

There are four routes highlighted on the map by four different colours, green, pink, orange and purple.

These four routes make up the priority one gritting for Havering.

As long as the 'Winter service gritting routes' box is ticked you have the option to tick or un-tick the routes you want to see eg 'Route 2 (pink)'.

View the priority one gritting routes in Havering on our map

How we decide where and when to grit

Gritting (salting) the road is likely when road temperatures are at or below 1°C, and moisture is present that could form ice.

Frost does not usually affect road surfaces until late evening or early morning so whenever possible gritting is carried out overnight and outside periods where road traffic is heavy.

Great care is taken when applying salt to ensure that the appropriate rates of spread are used. Please remember to keep a safe distance if following a gritter and take care when overtaking.

It is not possible cover all routes at all times so priority roads and pavements will be gritted first.​

The prioritising takes into account bin collection routes and these are done the day before the collection starts.

Should it snow we make every effort to clear it from roads, footpaths, walkways and bridges.

Clearing snow yourself

Please do not use the salt bins by the side of the roads. These are for our crews to use.

For more information how to clear snow yourself visit GOV.UK.

Roads in Havering gritted by Transport for London

The A12, A127 and A13 are gritted by Transport for London.

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