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Pedestrian crossings and dangerous junctions

There are four types of pedestrian crossings in use in Havering.

  • pelican crossings
  • puffin crossings
  • toucan crossings
  • zebra crossings

These crossings have zigzag markings in the road, either side of the crossing, to prevent vehicles from waiting or parking on the crossing and to prohibit vehicles from overtaking. Usually there are iron railings in place to prevent pedestrians from crossing the road away from the crossing.

Report a fault with a crossing

If the lights at pedestrian crossings are not working you will need to report the problem to the correct organisation.

Push-button controlled pedestrian crossing lights are maintained by Transport for London (TfL).

For crossings that do not have pedestrian-operated lights, you can report damaged poles, light fittings or broken bulbs to us. Minor faults and bulb replacement will normally be taken care of within seven days.

Report faulty lights at a crossing

Power supply problems have to be dealt with by EDF. This can take up to 4 months.

Requesting a new crossing

Please note that new pedestrian crossings need careful consideration and public consultation. It can take several months before a final decision is agreed whether or not to install the crossing.

Email us to request a new crossing

Dangerous road junctions

Public requests and accident records are the main reasons we introduce road safety schemes.

Our six area committees have responsibility for deciding how the available resources for traffic schemes are used. Their funding is provided by Transport for London and specifically tackle known accident areas.

Contact us about a road junction problem

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