Walking in Havering

For short journeys, walking is quick and reliable, with very few interruptions. In busy areas it will usually take the same amount of time as taking out the car.

Havering Wellbeing Walks

Read our wellbeing walks booklet on the issuu website

The Wellbeing Walks initiative

Wellbeing Walks is a national scheme which encourages people to exercise for the benefit of their health.

Havering Wellbeing Walks started in 2003. It is run by volunteers and supported by the London Borough of Havering who coordinates the scheme.

There are over 20 trained walk leaders and 19 walk venues.

Health walks take place 6 days a week throughout the year, varying from 30-90 minutes and are graded from easy to hard.

There are also longer walks run outside of Wellbeing Walks for those looking for an extra challenge.

Walk leaders are there to assist and advise on all walks as required. Wellbeing Walks is run by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support.

London LOOP 

The London Outer Orbital Path, or London LOOP, almost completely circles Greater London. 150 miles are split into 24 bite size walks. 

Taking the London Loop is a great way to get to know London better. It is made up of flat or gentle sloping sections that cover beautiful open spaces like Hainault Forest Country Park.

It is also made enjoyable by including historic buildings like Rainham Hall. 

Sections 20-24 of the Loop can be enjoyed within the London Borough of Havering. 

Route information and directions for each of the five walks in Havering can be found on the Transport for London website.

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