Grants and benefits for STARS accredited schools


STARS accredited schools are eligible to apply for a small grants and programmes to help promote safe, sustainable, active travel.

  • Transport for London Free Scooter/Cycle Parking Scheme - this provides STARS accredited schools the opportunity to apply for new or additional cycle/scooter parking facilities for free.

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  • Bikeability - we offer free cycle training to all schools within Havering throughout the year.

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Every Autumn small grants are made available to schools to fund items which are needed to support the school's travel planning activities.

Resources funded by the grant include:

  • electronic gates
  • parents waiting shelters
  • pool bikes and other cycling/safety equipment
  • playground markings
  • role-play equipment
  • signage
  • safety equipment

Contact us for more information about school travel and cycle grants

Cycle grants

Transport for London provides schools the opportunity to apply for cycle grants with an aim to encourage more pupils to cycle. In order to be eligible for these grants, schools must achieve at least Bronze level of STARS accreditation.

The grants can be used to run activities such as:

  • biker breakfasts
  • cycle clubs
  • cycling event days
  • cycle instructor training
  • cycle maintenance workshops
  • cycle rides
  • Dr Bike
  • pool bikes

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