Report a breach of the planning regulations

Before you report

Many residential extensions are ‘permitted development’ and do not require planning permission.

Guides on what is permitted, including an interactive house tool for you to check, are available on the Planning Portal. 

Go to the Planning Portal 

Before reporting an alleged breach of planning, you should also check whether express planning permission has already been obtained.

Search Havering permissions

If you suspect a breach of planning has taken place then please tell us.

The better the quality and detail of the information you provide, the more likely it is that the team will be able to investigate the matter.

The Planning Enforcement Team receives up to 800 requests for new investigations each year and resources to investigate and visit sites are limited.

Therefore, before reporting to us, please first check whether the development or use is a permitted activity.

When is permission required?

You can also look up the Planning Portal for an interactive house and other useful tools to assess whether what is being carried out is permitted or whether it requires permission.

Do you need permission?

Still want to report a planning breach?

Report a breach of the planning regulations to us

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