Article 4 Direction - Gidea Park

The Council has on the 31 December 2015 cancelled five previous Article 4 Directions and made a new immediate Article 4 Direction (Art4/4/2015) withdrawing certain permitted development rights from dwelling houses within the Gidea Park Conservation Area. The direction was confirmed on 24 June 2016.
A copy of the Direction, including a map defining the site covered and the Cancellation can be viewed online here or at the Planning and Building Control reception of the Council’s Public Advice and Service Centre, Romford.
A copy of the Notice, Letter to Residents and Information for Owner/ Occupiers are also available to view.

Please note: planning applications required by an Article 4 Direction were previously exempt from planning application fees.  On the 17th  January 2018 the Governments removed this exemption and a fee is now payable.

Please refer to the planning fees page for further details.

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