Personal searches

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only and does not reveal the full information provided by an official search.  It is important to note that we operate under Rule 7 of The Local Land Charges Rules 1977 and the details of how you can access the Planning Register are shown below.

Book an appointment to view the Local Land Charges register

It is free to view the Local Land Charges Register and our office hours to view the register are Monday to Friday, between 9.00am to 4.30pm (appointment basis only).

To make an appointment please contact the Local Land Charges office on 01708 432 425. We will always offer you the next available appointment, our appointments run on “first come basis” and due to demand appointment days can be filled quite quickly.

If searches have not been inspected during the appointment, and no alternative arrangements have been made, then we will assume the search is no longer required and the appointment will need to be rebooked.

If you are sending another agent into our offices to view your information, please can you provide us with email confirmation of this before the appointment. 

Personal searches are to be inspected at the Public Advice and Service Centre (PASC) and returned to reception upon completion, photographs of the information should not be taken.

Information required before the appointment

Should you need to view any additional information during your appointment such as the Highways Register/Public Footpath Maps, please could you provide us with 24 hours notice by either calling us on 01708 432 425 or emailing

Please note that the Highways Register/Public Footpath maps will only be made available until 12 noon. If you arrive after 12 noon your Personal Search will still be made available, but you will need to rebook to view the Highways Register/Public Rights of Way.

We cannot accept “plot” addresses for searches on any new builds, we require the full postal address, plot number and floor layout plan to conduct any searches.

Upon booking your search, please email the plans relating to the personal searches to

We will only send out one “reminder” email asking for a plan for an address booking. If we have still not received the plan by 12 noon the day before the appointment, the appointment for that specific address (it will not disrupt any of your other address bookings for that morning with us) will automatically be cancelled.

Book an appointment to view the Planning Register

It is important to note that viewing the Local Land Charges Register for a personal search MUST be viewed in conjunction with the any approved planning consents with conditions from 01/08/1977 which are held separately on the Planning Register in accordance with Rule 7 of The Local Land Charges Rules 1977.  To view this information, please contact Planning on 01708 433100 or   and request a Planning History search on this property (24 hours’ notice is required).

Please ensure that the following wording is used when making the request :

“Please could I also make an appointment to view the Planning Register in conjunction with my Personal Search Appointment that I have booked in with the Local Land Charges Department.”

Please note that all planning application from 1990 onwards can be found on the London Borough of Havering’s website.

View planning searches

Appointments will be held at the Planning and Building Control Reception in the Public Advice and Service Centre PASC)                                                                                                                                  

View the Planning and Building Reception opening times

Personal search companies

Please see the attached document explaining how the CON29 data can be accessed under Environmental Information Regulations.

Access CON29 data under Environmental Information Regulations

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