Planning appeals

If your application is not decided within a set period, or if you disagree with the decision that is made on your application, you have the right to appeal.

If you are appealing against the failure to decide your application (a non-determination appeal), you must lodge your appeal within six months of the date by which the decision should have been made.

If you are appealing against the decision of your application, you must lodge your appeal within six months of the date of decision (appeals for Householder applications that will follow the written representations procedure must be made within 12 weeks of the decision). If you are appealing against an enforcement notice, you must lodge your appeal before the date from which the notice will take effect.

Make an appeal

Appeal charges

There is no charge for a planning appeal, but applicants must bear their own expenses, which will depend on the appeal procedure and whether the applicant requires professional representations. Appeals are decided through either an exchange of written statements, a hearing or a public inquiry. Which procedure is used will depend on the nature and complexity of the case.

Details of how to appeal are included with all decision notices which refuse permission, and with all enforcement notices.

Appeals should be made to the Planning Inspectorate who deal with appeals on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Appeals can be costly and time consuming for both the Council and the applicant. The Council, therefore, actively encourages applicants to discuss the Council's decision with planning officers before making an appeal, to see whether an amended application could overcome the Council's objections.

Further guidance on planning appeals on the Planning Portal.

Making an appeal

Once the form is complete and you submit it, you will be given the opportunity to save a copy of the finished form so you can keep it for your records, and print or email a copy to Havering Council.

If you are unable to use the online service, you can request a paper form from the Planning Inspectorate by contacting their Customer Services Team on 0303 444 5000. You will need to complete three copies of this form.

  • One needs to be completed and returned by post to the Planning Inspectorate, along with any other relevant documents
  • One will need to be sent to Havering Council at the address shown, along with any other relevant documents
  • One to keep for your records

Online register of appeals

Details of appeals received since 2003 can be obtained through the online planning searches page. This online database is always live and up-to-date. Appeal decisions can also be viewed online via the Planning Portal website.

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