First schedule

The first schedule hereinbefore mentioned.

Pleasure Grounds to which byelaws are made under Section 164 of the Public Health Act 1875.

  • Bedale Road Playground, Harold Hill
  • Bedfords Park, Romford
  • Berwick Pond Open Space, Hornchurch
  • Brittons Playing Fields, Hornchurch
  • Central Park, Harold Hill
  • Clockhouse Gardens, Upminster
  • Cottons Park, Romford
  • Cranham Playing Fields
  • Dagnam Park, Harold Hill
  • Fielder's Sports Ground, Hornchurch
  • Gaynes Parkway, Upminster
  • Gidea Park Sports Ground
  • Glen The, Rainham
  • Grenfell Park, Hornchurch
  • Hacton Parkway, Upminster
  • Halesworth Road Playground, Harold Hill
  • Hall Lane Miniature Golf Course, Upminster
  • Harold Wood Park
  • Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch
  • Havering Playing Field
  • Haynes Park, Hornchurch
  • Hornchurch Stadium
  • Hylands Park, Hornchurch
  • Jutsums Park, Romford
  • King George's Field, Romford
  • Langtons Gardens, Hornchurch
  • Lawns Park, Romford
  • Lodge Farm Park, Romford
  • Land, New Road, Rainham
  • Noak Hill Sports Ground
  • North Hill Recreation Ground, Harold Hill
  • Oldchurch Park, Romford
  • Parklands, Upminster
  • Park Lane Recreation Ground, Hornchurch
  • Painsbrook (Land), Harold Wood
  • Raphael Park, Romford
  • Rainham Recreation Ground
  • Rise Park, Romford
  • Rush Green Play Space, Romford
  • Suttons Parkway, Upminster
  • Spring Farm Park, Rainham
  • St Andrews Park, Hornchurch
  • St Neots Land, Harold Hill
  • Upminster Park
  • Upminster Hall Playing Fields
  • Warley Hall Woods, Cranham

Open Spaces to which byelaws are made under Sections 12 and 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906

  • Coronation Gardens, Romford
  • Elliott Playing Fields, Hornchurch
  • Havering Well Gardens, Hornchurch
  • Lucas Playground, Hornchurch

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