Hold an event in a park or open space

Parks and open spaces are perfect venues for all types of events. 

In order to host an event you must first seek permission from the Council by completing the application as detailed below. 

Holding an event 

An “event” is defined as:

  • a gathering of 50 or more persons, or 
  • where infrastructure (including gazebos, marquees or furniture) is brought to site, or 
  • where activities are proposed (licensable or otherwise) which may constitute as an event (at the discretion of the Officer in Charge) 

All events need to be approved before commencement.

Any event taking place without proper approval will be stopped and this may affect future event applications 

Our parks and open spaces are not available for private hire.

All events must be accessible to the public either free of charge or ticketed. (Westlands Playing Field is available for private use under certain circumstances)

Hiring Council managed land is subject to hire fee. This is based on the fees and charges agreed by the Council. 

If you are unsure if your proposal will be classed as an event, please email parks@havering.gov.uk with details before you apply. 

Who can apply using this form?

This application is only for events taking place on Council owned parks and open spaces.

Street events

If your event will utilise or impact the use of local roads or pedestrian areas, you will need to see permission from Highways Management. Email highways@havering.gov.uk 

Sport pitches

If you wish to hire a sports pitch email pitchlettings@havering.gov.uk 

Funfairs and circuses

Use this application and contact the parks department for more details 

Fitness training/boot camps

Use this application and contact the parks department for more details 

Before you apply

Before you start your application there are several things you must do.

Site visit

Carry out a site visit to your proposed site to consider the layout, access and facilities available. If you have any questions about that please contact parks@havering.gov.uk

If you are not familiar with the parks and open spaces in Havering you may want to view the sites online.

Application deadlines

To ensure we have ample time to process an application, please ensure you submit your application and supplementary information in accordance with our timescales. 

Event size category Overall daily attendance Application to be received
Small event Up to 299 Minimum of 6 weeks before
Medium event 300 – 4,999 Minimum of 3 months before
Large event 5,000 – 9,999 Minimum of 6 months before
Major event More than 10,000 Minimum of 9 months before

Event consultation 

Based on information supplied by the event organiser, we will consult as required with:

  • Councillors
  • Safety Advisory Group (SAG) 
  • Heads of Council Services 

Supplementary information you may need to provide when applying

In addition to the event application, event organisers will need to supply supplementary information relevant to their event.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • risk assessments 
  • public liability insurance 
  • site map (event layout)
  • food hygiene certificates if supplying food

Application stages 

Fill in the form online or download and return a copy. You can also email parks@havering.gov.uk and you will be forwarded an application. 

Complete the application and submit all additional supplementary information to the parks department. The hire fee for the event will be discussed and agreed in principle 

We will confirm the status of your application eg application accepted or decline. If additional consultation is needed for an event this will occur at this stage. 

Once all paperwork has been submitted and event consultation complete, your event will be approved. 

Start your application 

Apply online

Or download and return our pdf form

Additional documents 

Advertise your event

Once approved, you can advertise your event on our event calendar

Contact parks

01708 434743

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