Havering has a total of 55 Councillors elected from 20 wards, each returning either 2 or 3 Councillors.

Councillors are elected by the community to represent the public interest, as well as individuals living within their ward, and to decide how the Council should carry out various functions.

View a full list of Councillors

Councillors code of conduct

The Council has adopted a Code of Conduct that sets out rules governing the behaviour of its councillors.

The Code of Conduct covers areas of individual behaviour such as councillors not abusing their position or not misusing their authority’s resources.

Councillors allowances

Councillors receive allowances according to the functions of their role.

The following documents explain the allowance schemes and the details of allowances and expenses paid.

Councillors and outside bodies

Outside bodies are organisations which are independent from the council but have an impact on our services.

Often Councillors sit on the various committees that are responsible for them.

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