The Leader of the Council

Leader of the Council, Roger Ramsey

Leader of the Council, Roger Ramsey

The Leader of the Council is elected every four years, following a local election, by all members of the Council.

The leader’s role is to provide effective political leadership and strategic direction to the Council, to ensure effective Corporate Governance and to ensure that the Council delivers high quality, value for money services. The Leader appoints a Cabinet of up to nine Executive Members to manage portfolios of services and chairs cabinet meetings to ensure that it achieves its terms of reference.

The Leader liaises closely with and represents the Council to key external stakeholders, such as the NHS, Police, the voluntary sector and local businesses as well as central and London government.

Councillor Roger Ramsey is the Leader of the Council.

About Councillor Roger Ramsey

Councillor Ramsey went to school in Havering before attending University College London where he obtained a degree in Law. He qualified subsequently as a solicitor and Notary Public.

Councillor Ramsey was first elected to the Council in 1978 in what was then known as St. Edward’s ward. He moved subsequently to Emerson Park ward, where he served as a Councillor until 1998.

Between 1978-1998 Cllr. Ramsey held many Committee appointments and Chairmanships, serving on the Education (Chairman) and Policy & Resources (Chairman) Committees as well as the Board (Vice-Chairman). Between 1984-1990 Cllr. Ramsey also served as Leader of the Council.

In 1998 Councillor Ramsey stepped down from the Council until 2002.

In 2002 Councillor Ramsey returned to the Council. Other than the year when he was Mayor in 2009-10, he has served in the Executive holding portfolios of a financial nature until 2014 when he was elected Leader of the Council.

Outside his role in the Council, Councillor Ramsey served for many years as a school governor and on voluntary bodies. He is married with one son.

Contacting the Leader

You may contact Cllr. Ramsey via the following:

Email -

Letter - Councillor Roger Ramsey
            Leader of the Council
            London Borough of Havering
            Town Hall, Main Road
            Romford, RM1 3BD

Phone - 01708 432031

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