Council meetings

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View the latest Council meeting (7.30pm on 15 January 2020)

View the calendar of Council meetings

View previous Council meetings

View previous Cabinet meetings

Annual meeting

View this years annual meeting - originally broadcast 23 May 2018

The Annual Meeting of Council takes place in late May, during which the election of the Mayor for the municipal year takes place, the chairman and Vice-chairman of Committees are elected and Councillors are appointed to Committees.

There may be a continuation of the Annual Meeting in June.

Ordinary meeting

These are held in July, October, December, late January or early February and late March or early April. 

Budget and Council tax

The Budget and Council Tax setting meeting takes place in late February or early March.

Extraordinary meetings

These are occasionally necessary to deal with urgent business. Only the business specified in the agenda may be dealt with ​at an extraordinary meeting. ​

There was an extraordinary meeting on 26 July 2017.

View the extraordinary meeting

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